Can I find out if a certain plan is built in my area?
To protect the privacy of our customers, we cannot share that information. However, if we have a photo of one of our houses built, it will be available online.
Do American Gables Home Designs plans meet my local building code?
Our plans are designed to meet the 2012 International Residential Code with 2014 Georgia amendments. Many states and counties amend the codes for their area. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or builder to see that the structure is built to meet the codes of your area.
Do you make modifications to your home plans?
Since our plans are drawn in CAD, we can easily modify any plan on our site. We offer free estimates for all of our plans. Please call our office, email us , or view our modification services for all of your home building needs.
What is Reproducible Set of Plans?

A reproducible set of plans are one complete set of house plans printed on transparent paper which is erasable. It is used for making minor changes to the house plan. With the reproducible set, you receive a copyright release which allows you to make changes and make extra copies without infringing on copyright laws. Purchasing a reproducible set of plans grants you a license to build that particular plan an unlimited number of times.

How is the square footage calculated?

Square footage calculations are made from the outside perimeter of the exterior framed walls and includes only living (heated) spaces. They do not include decks, porches, garages, basements, attics, fireplaces, etc. Two story, vaulted areas and staircases are only included once in the first floor area. Brick is not counted in our square footage calculations.

What is a CAD file?

A CAD file is a set of construction drawings in an electronic format. The CAD file can be used to make minor or major modifications to our plans. The CAD files come with a copyright release so you can customize the plan however you like. However, our copyright should remain on the set of plans. There is not a transfer of copyright with this purchase.

What is your return policy?

Because of copyright laws and the possibilities of making illegal copies of the house plans you received, our plans may not be returned for credit or refund under any circumstances. Please double check your selection before ordering.

Do you sell material lists?

Unfortunately, we do not provide material lists. You can however take the house plans to any local building supplier and they can usually generate a material list for you.

Is it possible to see a rear elevation of your house plans?

Yes. By clicking on the “rear elevation” link on the plan detail page.

Do you include HVAC and plumbing plans?

HVAC and plumbing are not included. Because of the variation in building codes and climatic requirements, it is best to discuss this with your builder, mechanical contractor and plumbing contractor.

Copyright information:

Ownership of these home designs is solely the property of American Gables Home Designs, Inc. When you purchase a set of plans, you are purchasing a license to build. View all of the copyright laws and penalties involved for copyright violations.

What are your reuse policies?

Purchasing a plan with 5 or 8 sets of blacklines grants you a license to build that particular plan only one time. Purchasing a reproducible, PDF or CAD files grants you a license to build that particular plan an unlimited number of times.

Do you have a photograph of your plans?

We have photos of some of our plans. If a photo exists, it will be in the thumbnails under the main image of the plan on the plan detail page.

Do your plans have an architect or engineer stamp?

Our plans do not have an architect or engineer stamp. Some states require that the house plans be reviewed and sealed by a licensed architect or engineer. Please consult your local building officials to see if a stamp is required in your area.

How much will it cost to build my home?

It is impossible to get an accurate bid without talking to a licensed builder. There are so many variables that go into building a house (materials, lot consideration, foundation, labor, etc.). We do offer a Build Cost service that is available on every plan that we design that gives you an idea of the cost to build. Click on the link on the Plan Detail page and fill out the request form.

Do you offer mirror reverse plans or true reverse plans?

We do not offer mirror reverse plans. You usually cannot obtain a building permit with mirror reverse plans. We do offer true reverse plans, with all the text reading correctly, for a small additional fee. See all the options under “plan prices” when ordering.

Can you design a custom home plan for me?
Yes, we can provide full custom home plan services to fit your needs.
How long will it take to receive my house plans?

All orders are processed the next business day after the order is received. The length of time you receive them, depends on what type of shipping you select during checkout.

Can I purchase one set of black lines and make copies as needed?

No. All of our house plans are protected by the United States Copyright Act. Our plans cannot be copied or reproduced in any way without express written consent from American Gables Home Designs, Inc. You can however purchase a reproducible, PDF files or CAD file and make additional copies as needed.

What are the terms and conditions to a plan purchase?

Each 5 set or 8 set plan purchase authorizes a single license to build on a single dwelling. Multiple uses of the plan is available with the purchase of a reproducible, PDF file or CAD file. All floor plans, renderings and other images are property of American Gables Home Designs, Inc. and may not be copied or reproduced in any fashion without written consent. It is also a violation of copyright laws to redraft plans found on this site in order to avoid plan purchase.

What type of foundation comes with your house plans?

Most of our house plans will have a daylight basement, monolithic slab or crawl foundation. If you need a different foundation for your plan, please contact American Gables Home Designs, Inc. to discuss your options.

What is the exterior wall construction of your home plans?

Our home plans are designed with 2×4 wood framed walls. A few of our plans will have 2 x 6 exterior walls. We do offer an option to convert the 2 x 4 exterior walls to 2 x 6 for a small fee.

Do you have study sets?

We do not provide study sets. However we do provide a brochure that can be printed on the plan detail page. You can also view our house plan examples to see what you will receive with a typical set of our plans.

Do I own the copyrights to a plan I purchased?

No. American Gables Home Designs, Inc. retains all copyrights on all plans sold. The purchase of a set of home plans in no way transfers any copyright or other ownership interest in it to the buyer except for a limited license to use that set of home plans for the construction of the home.