House Plan Modifications

As you consider your dream home, what does it include? A spiral staircase? A second story balcony off the master suite? Two walk-in closets? A basement apartment? What style do you picture? Victorian? Modern? Mediterranean? As you dream of the possibilities and envision the life you desire to create with your family within that home, American Gables Home Designs wants to help you realize that vision. At American Gables Home Designs, we are pleased to offer the most extensive collection of house plans at competitive pacing.
At American Gables Home Designs, we are pleased to offer the most extensive collection of house plans at competitive pricing. As you search our plans, you may see your dream house, and think “If only it included…” Those features are available to our customers! We offer modification services for EVERY plan on our web- site, making your house plan options endless! If you found the plan that fits your needs, but need some modifications to the plan to make it the dream home you always wanted, we want to help you create a unique plan.

Some common modifications include:

Front entry garage to side entry garage.
Ceiling height modifications.
Customized kitchens.
Many other modifications!

Home Plan Modification Process

At American Gables Home Designs, we want to make the modification process as simple, seamless, and pain-free as possible. Creating a custom home requires some idea and understanding – a base – of your dream home and your needs. That base involves, first and foremost, a selection of a home plan design. Selecting one of our thousands of designs may feel like an overwhelming task. We are here to help you make that selection. If at any point, you would like to speak with one of our representatives, we are here to help you! Please give us a call throughout the home plan modification process. How, exactly, does the home plan modification work? What are the steps that you will need to complete, Please see the information below, and contact us with any specific questions regarding the modification of your desired home plan. Getting the customized plan you want is so simple – let us help you design the home you’ve always wanted.
Browse our home plans and designs. Using the custom search features, figure out your priorities and search by those requirements. This will provide you with a base from which to modify your home. As you consider that plan and study it, visualize some of the aspects of the home you would like to change. Write those changes down in order of your priorities.
After you have figured out which plan best meets your needs, along with the modifications and customized elements you would like to see, you will need to c communicate these requests to us in order that we can provide you with a quote for modification services. Submit your modification request in one of the following ways
Online. Submit your request through our website by visiting the following link: Modify This Plan on the indMdual plan’s detail page. For example, if you have selected a specific home from which to make modifications, you can submit a request directly on that home’s detail page. This will take you to a form for you to fill out with the changes you’d like to make. In order to communicate your needs with us, we also recommend marking up the floor plan, scanning it into your computer, and attaching it to the form as a PDF file.
By Phone. Contact us toll free at 1-888-919-6243 to discuss your modifications. Mark up the floor plan and fax the changes to us at 678-388-9651 following your conversation.
Once we have your modification request one of our designers will review your modifications and provide a free quote in order to make these changes. This process may include some conversa- tions with our designers. Our desire is to communicate with you in order to come up with a plan that meets your needs and fits within your budget.
At this point, you will need to decide if you would like to move forward with the home plan modi-fication process. If you decide to move forward with the changes, then we will ask you to sign and return the quote to us. At this t me, we require full payment of the plan sale and the modification
The work begins! One of our designers will contact you with an initial meeting to discuss your project and the modifications you would like to make. This is an exciting time for, discussions will lead to the home youVe always dreamed of!
After the designer completes the modification and customizabon process, preliminary plans will be emailed to you for approval. You will have the opportunity to study and consider the custom plan, imagining and picturing your new home!
Following your approval of the house plan, American Gables Home Designs will produce and ship the plans directly to you.
After the designer completes the modification and customization process, preliminary plans will be emailed to you for approval. You will have the opportunity to study and consider the custom i plan, imagining and picturing your new home!

Home Plan Styles

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  • Coastal House Plans
  • Cottage House Plans
  • Cape Cod House Plans
  • Farmhouse House Plans
  • French Country House Plans
  • Georgian House Plans
  • Lake Front House Plans
  • Ranch House Plans
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