How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Often, you are unable to increase the size of small bathrooms; however, by choosing big impact items at minimum expense and making the correct design choices, a small room can be designed to increase the overall quality and spacious feel of the room. You can make a big impact in a small space by indulging […]

Vickery Home Plan

Our featured house plan is the Vickery, a country Farmhouse plan with touches of Craftsman flair. Traditionally, farmhouse plans are as varied in style and design as the land they once stood on; however, the overriding thought is one of wide open spaces, a functional floor plan and an exterior born of practicality and enjoyment […]

Landscaping on a Budget

With multiple design and monetary decisions being at the crux of home building, oftentimes, exterior landscaping can be overlooked. However, in terms of curb appeal and the “most bang for the buck”, landscaping the yard provides not only finishing touches to the home’s overall style but can also incorporate less costly options as you create […]

How to Design the Perfect Media Room

One of the newer ideas in designing the “perfect” home for your family is having the experience of a home theatre or media room within your own space. Lack of quality family time, the expense of movie tickets and snacks along with luxury house designs have all contributed to the desire to plan and create […]

How to Choose a Stock House Plans

The opportunity of building a home from the “ground up” is an American dream where the homeowner’s creativity, individuality and personal taste are incorporated into a tangible product that is the fulfillment of years of dreaming, saving and planning. Along with this opportunity are the many challenges and dilemmas that are a direct result of […]

The American Craftsman Style

The American Craftsman style is alternately known as the American Arts and Crafts movement and represents a range of movement styles encompassing architectural, interior, landscape and decorative design styles. The philosophy of the design movement begin in the later part of the 19th century and continues today, albeit it has been witness to many revivals […]