About Our Plans

At American Gables Home Designs, we are passionate about helping you realize your dreams and creating a pleasing existence for your family. Our goal is to provide the most extensive collection of the highest quality house plans for our customers and their families. What are your goals for your family? Let us help you work towards those goals.

Picture the home of your dreams. What memories will you create within your home? How will this home meet all of your family’s needs? What unique features does your dream home include? At AmericanGables.com, we want to help you in your quest to build your dream home by providing the most extensive collection of house plans available. All of our plans provide all the necessary information and elements you need to build your home. As you consider our house plans, meet with a licensed builder or contractor in your area. As you select your house plan, be sure to consider any local code adjustments required and verify building permit codes and regulations, as your plan may require modifications.

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Typically Included In our plans

Not Included In our Plans

Exterior Elevations
The first sheet will typically be the front elevation at 1/4″ scale with rafter framing details and misc exterior details. The second sheet will typically be the sides and rear elevation with roof plan, all at 1/8″ scale. Sometimes Sheet A1.1 and Sheet A1.2 will be combined.

Foundation Plan
The third sheet will be the foundation page at 1/4″ scale. This will be a daylight basement foundation with most of our home plans. Alternate foundation options are available as well.

Floor Plans
The fourth sheet will be the 1st floor plan at 1/4″ scale with general notes. The fifth sheet will be the 2nd floor plan at 1/4″ scale. With a ranch plan, this sheet will be eliminated.

Electrical Plans
The sixth sheet will include the electrical layout at 3/16″ scale and Kitchen and Bath elevations at 1/4″ scale. This sheet will sometimes include misc interior elevations and details.

Miscellaneous Details
The last sheet will include misc details including typical wall sections, stair sections, etc.

* Please note that not all plans include these sheets. Please see “What is included in these plans” on our plan detail page to see what is included in the plans.

We are pleased to provide additional services to our customers related to the requirements of your area. If any additional items are required, please contact us at 1-888-919-6243 for a free quote for additional services.

  • Architectural or Engineering Stamp
  • Site Plan
  • Mechanical Drawings (location of heating and air equipment and duct work)
  • Plumbing Drawings (drawings showing the actual plumbing pipe sizes and locations)
  • Framing layouts with beam sizes and locations
  • Energy calculations

Because of copyright laws and the possibilities of making illegal copies of the plans you received, our plans may not be returned for credit or refund under any circumstances once the order has been processed. Please ensure your selection before ordering.

When you purchase a set of plans, you are purchasing a license to build. This license gives you the right to construct one house from the plan drawings. To build the house more than once and/or modify or copy without express written permission violates this copyright. For more information regarding copyright laws and penalties involved for copyright violations, click here. If you are interested in building a house more than one time, please contact American Gables Home Designs to inquire about our reuse fees.

Our house plans are designed to meet the 2018 International Residential Code for One & Two Family Dwellings. Many states, counties and cities amend the codes for their area. Consult your local building inspection department before purchase or construction begins to determine the requirements for your area. All of American Gables Home Designs, Inc. plans can be adapted to your codes and requirements through our Modifications Department.


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