How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Often, you are unable to increase the size of small bathrooms; however, by choosing big impact items at minimum expense and making the correct design choices, a small room can be designed to increase the overall quality and spacious feel of the room. You can make a big impact in a small space by indulging in chic fixtures and extravagant finishes, by choosing elegant wall colors, colorful design accessories and storage options to create a small bathroom that shines with big sparkle.


Pale and light wall colors reflect light, so soft neutrals or pastel colors can make a small room feel bigger. You could even go so far as to paint the trim, woodwork and doors in a monochromatic scheme, thereby, virtually reducing and/or making them disappear. To take this idea even further, the effect could be enhanced if the counter space and cabinets were the same color as the walls. To keep the room from being bland or boring, pops of color could be added through the use of art work, bath linens and assorted other accessories. Even a bright shower curtain is often enough to create an interesting contrast in an otherwise neutral bathroom. Another visual trick would be the addition of a vertical stripe running up the wall, which in essence, trains the eye upward and creates the illusion of more space. Also, if the bathroom is fortunate to have natural lighting through the installation of a window(s), make sure and leave them uncovered as natural lighting enlarges the feel of the room. If privacy is needed, there are a variety of window treatments that continue to let light in such as light filtering shades and blinds, sheer fabrics that provide privacy without diluting light or clear and/or frosted glass would be a nice choice for privacy. And do remember, mirrors and glass shelving can stretch and elongate a room by reproducing space.


Colorful accessories can instantly change the design of a room and with a little imagination can be purchased inexpensively so seasonal changes can be made. Something as simple as the children’s artwork can be framed at little expense; leaves gathered from an afternoon walk or purchase blank canvases and the bathroom walls can be transformed with homemade art arranged as a picture gallery for maximum effect. Travel postcards or assorted ephemera from restaurants, art galleries and wineries are interesting items to showcase on a small wall. The addition of luxurious bath linens can instantly upgrade the feel of the space, eventually producing a spa feel to the room. Along the same line as bath linens, a shower curtain can produce an instant change and on a whim can be changed with little expense or time invested.

Clever storage options are a necessity in a small bathroom; first, they give the room a cohesive and clutter free appearance and secondly, they fill the space with necessary toiletries and supplies. Try to have storage options that are flush with the wall or extend minimally; under vanity storage, especially open shelving, can be filled with wicker baskets for great style options. Additional storage space can be created by carving out space between the wall studs and installing recessed shelving.


Lastly, chic and luxurious bath fixtures and lighting can be purchased on sale at your local home improvement store, at garage/online yard sales or by choosing one lavish item to splurge on, and in no time, your small bathroom can be transformed from drab to fab.

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